Rabbit holes?

Posted on March 26, 2017


My Internet Saturday Morning involved a twitter request for OER for vocational programs for math… without too many answers since its Friday afternoon posting.  I linked to my spare-time-not-quite-fledglings … and hopefully this week I can make an even bigger dent on things, tho’ students will be back and they come first.

I didn’t put in for the EurekaMath fellowship -but just knowing that their setup is possible is interesting:    to pay my institution a chunk of my salary and “borrow” me for that time for N months.   I *love* the teaching part of my job but… the stuff that’s out there commercially … could be so much better for so many people for whom things are just out of reach.

 There are just *so many* people who have slipped through the high school “gates” without a solid grounding.   A few teachers do a great job with them — but they/we could do ten times as well (my conservative estimate) if we designed cognitively accessible math courses for them, especially in a career context (well, also, because that’s where there’s some funding, at least around here).

After our twitter chat, I read Alyson Indrunas’ blog about lots of things, including “Adopters,  Adapters and Builders.”   She mentions the “builders” who are convinced they could do better than what’s out there, and I raised my hand, but then she added this: “Most of the time when faculty reject what already exists, I get the sense they want to use the time for scholarly work.”  Welp, not here.  I just watch what already exists not work  and want to learn and share what does (tho’ that could be ‘scholarly work…’)

… Now to dive into the MOOC about adult ed OER and evaluating lessons… and hopefully some time to play with making formative quizzes on D2L and/or Canvas….