That mobile thing

Posted on March 23, 2017


I got a new phone and sprung for the $99 LG Stylo 2 for $99.   I usually go cheap, but I was thinking that actually, I would like more than the minimum functionality.

I still don’t like poking in  more than ten words but I’m going to see about speech recognition.

I can totally, completely see how a student could engage in learning with one of these things with reasonably designed apps.  I can also see how somebody could think this is The Thing and forget about the millions of people this wouldn’t work for 🙂

However, because you have to think smaller and simpler, it might be just as usable on ‘regular’ computers… more so for people who benefit from simple.

Day off today & driving to Chicago… day off tomorrow w/ no plans 🙂   Unfortunately 30 mph winds expected which precludes a long ride…

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