Posted on March 21, 2017


Possibilities abound.   EngageNY is looking for “fellows” to help develop their curriculum.  Oh, my, it is full of the vilified “not your parents’ algorithms” terms like “Hide Zero Cards,” which a quick search informs me are manipulatives for reinforcing that, say, 13 is really 10 + 3 — you represent 13 with a ten card and then the 3 card which is only big enough for the ones places covers up the zero, “hiding” it.

I like it 🙂

I just might apply, if only because the setup is my fantasy setup:   stay here and do my job which I love w/ students half of the time, and they pay half my salary to my school and half my time is spent doing their work.  As in, helping our broken budget ( the governor  is still hiring his cronies at top salaries  while the rest of us have no funding, per  this article )  … and having fun 🙂   — oh, and the curriculum is OER.

Students here already … but I *will* get that video recorded.   Distracted, I’m afraid, by that Kate Garnett manual for building concepts (that came w/ our FASTT Math software so … I can’t share, it’s not open… you should do a trial of the software just so you can get that massive PDF though…)