Diving in!

Posted on March 20, 2017


Of course, within a minute of “okay, I’m ready to record!”   … a student has arrived.   Still, I can do that first thing in the a.m. —  knowing that then I’ll go to the tech folks to see how to make better sound quality, etc. anyway.   I need a “sharable rough draft.”

So I wander over to the FLOE project, though, and they talk about their accessible HTML5 video player. I can even get to it on GITHUB.   Maybe *after* I have an SRD, I’ll compose a note to … somebody… saying “do you know what a person needs to learn to use this?”

And while I’m at it, over to the PhEt folks, and “what do I need to learn to make stuff like this?”  I want to be able to do a thing like a PhET Sim — fun, interactive online HTML5/CSS/Javascript activities — for stuff like subitizing … things like NCTM already has, I know, but they’re all about keeping all their rights and having paywalls.   I need to adapt things — for starters, my adults do not need to know that a given activity is from K-2 “standards.”   They could stand versions that are a little less cute… a little more tuned to their realities.   Are there others like me out there who’d want to collaborate?

But… for now, Sharable Draft. Sharable Draft.

Oh, and the other Canvas MOOC started today — the Evaluation course.

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