Share time

Posted on March 19, 2017


I got all those phonics word lists into Word.  Now to figure out the sharing process (and do the ‘publish’ checklist thing…  )  OERCommons already has the PDF version so I’ll put them together.   I just went into Curriki — it says “geonz” username already spoken for but doesn’t recognize either of the emails I use for this stuff… but once before, somebody from New Zealand had that name so I went with geonzy.   (I’ll have to check out ‘geonz’ ;))

I should probably first go to my very own website and put things there (in the “have a place to go to when you can’t remember where you’ve been” category as well as ‘backup.’)

I imagine a tagged library where people could make corrections (I’ve found enough little mistakes myself) and share their dictation sentences & other things they might apply the words from the lists to.

I also have a new phone, which is yes, much more nicely connected to things INternet.   OTOH, it isn’t obvious how to get all the extra icons for the apps I’m informed that are the best ever off my screen.



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