The good connections

Posted on March 16, 2017


Formulae are abstract.   Substitution into a formula can be a meaningless machination.  No longer, for the student who explained what we’d have to do to find the missing length knowing perimeter and side of a rectangle… double the width and subtract it from the perimeter.   Well…. I showed him the substitution process and when we got to where the stuff left over = 2L… “oh, now I got it!”

Ideally, a fair amount of practice with these familiar contexts would be in order.   Adaptive instructional materials would show the visual of the rectangle & relate it to the formula… and perhaps let the student construct said rectangle from the problem (oy, that would be a fun thing to visually design…)   using Geogebra (’cause somebody pretty much already designed :)) … now, where did I put my flowchart of paths for concrete to abstract?

(I did figure out where I stuffed the icons for subitizing that I did *today* and had a before lunch and an after lunch location for… an d only then remembered that I’d put them up on Canvas.  Welp, these have a different design and I have a transparent version of each… )

… and then there’s this:   Think I’ll do this next powerpoint without the mess of text… just talk… and see about the CC option, and see about “yes, YouTube — caption this for me!”   and then see if it’s as easy to edit the captions as it was in Lori’s office…