A winter’s day

Posted on March 14, 2017


(in a deep and dark December… naw, it’s March!)

The East is getting gobsmacked while we had some heavy flurries and some wind for my lunch bike ride (yesterday being a car day, the legs said they wanted to get out there, and I don’t argue!)

We also had a meeting about the new ALEKS assessment product.   The math department looked at it some years ago, when it was an offshoot of the “course product.”  Now it’s its own product and yes, it has evolved.   The scoop:   you can get an account and take an unproctored test, and it will give you info on what you got right and what you got wrong.  (No, it doesn’t understand your errors.  That’s the program I could design – hear that, Lumen Learning? …)

Then you get up to four unproctored versions in a given 12 month period (as opposed to “two strikes and wait two years” before).   You do have to spend 5 hours on “homework” prescribed, based upon your errors, to you — and 48 hours– before you do it, and you can’t just turn it on and lounge (don’t know how sophisticated it is, though).

The folks they’ve seen who’ve done unproctored and then proctored — almost all have scored within a point or three.   Some have done much better on the proctored and a few took the nose dive (as in, found ways to get the answer not permitted by proctored setting).

So!   Where does that put our Modumath?

Still preparing to enter stage left.   Whilst our math department head stated that yes, he’d like to make our lowest math course not have to exist… that’s not what the numbers say.   They’ve had such a sharp increase that they’ve put in a special section of Pre-Algebra to grab more of them… and … Modumath is still procedural, w/ very limited visuals, and lots of our folks need tutorials and visual-concrete.

WOrking on a “naming numbers” ‘supplemental lesson,’ and we’ll see if I get that subitizing thing in there.   Need to discern whether it makes sense to do the “movie with feedback questions” as a quiz in the D2L LMS the way it works in Canvas LMS.


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