Rulers R Us

Posted on March 9, 2017


So!  Request for images of rulers and their fractional pieces, for to help students learn that.  Yes, the Ruler Game is still there 🙂   It’s got its own domain name now.

Found two gems online:    and  — can’t find a page that links to it.   He has students cover up the lines and gradually reveal them so that first you see the one line that splits things into halves… then the next ones split into quarters … then eighths, then sixteenths.   The “rule” is that you count by odd numbers.

Now, these are in the darker side of that grey area between “tools” and “tricks.”   Still, when the process itself includes the visual, real inches, it inherently has more meaning than the mnemonics such as “copy change flip” for dividing fractions.

This one on the other hand is more thorough and anticipates common errors:

His flash game is *very* nice..…  (and he gives credit where credit is due, saying it’s his attempt to spiff up ‘the ruler game.’ )

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