Why I love Modumath

Posted on March 8, 2017


We’ve got a subscription for Modumath, a series of math tutorials, and we’re building a course in D2L around it.  Nope, not open.  (Sigh, they have other stuff that is.)

I’m figuring out which lessons to add OER to, to enhance the lesson.   Knowing people fall off the ‘math train’ with division, that’s a contender.

So I’m watching multiplication and he says that it’s often used for repeated addition…. but then goes full tilt into arrays and takes time to explain them thoroughly with lots of visuals.  (Yes, this is where I wish they had a big budget and could do this part adaptively so that students could get more practice & examples… these are the kinds of things I want in ALEKS to connect visual to abstract.)

Included in the multiplication problems using arrays are “4 shirts, two pairs of pants:   how many different possible outfits?”

Few more of those examples, and then 3-D arrays are used to explain the potential for rearranging factors (yes, with pictures).  In my adaptive version, students would explore and then create their own.  We have the technology, dudes — or they could do it with manipulatives (legos or the peg into wooden balls things).   Then push it to abstract.


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