blendkit 2017

Posted on March 4, 2017


Doing the Blendkit course again.   I know an awful lot more than I did last time — I’ve done OER stuff and Canvas stuff and ABE stuff and … we’ve got the ‘math prep’ course to design.   It will be “online” but so many adult ed folks need resources and could do blended.

The reading is about … what blended is & could be and of course it could be lots of things.  My ‘blend’ will be having online that could stand on its own and is adaptive, yea verily! … and includes the face to face for concrete activities, etc.

Oh, and bummer — can’t get sound from Chrome, this laptop … is quirky… and the video about the blueprint … isn’t captioned, and … I can’t find it now.   Things will work much better when the laptop’s not on my lap… which will be the case later…

I notice the first person on the google doc is a Deaf Educator.   Did I mention the lack of captions?

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