Endorphin-induced thoughts…

Posted on March 3, 2017


29 degrees and not much wind at all … and I got out a little early.   I could hear talk and laughter from one early-party group this “Unofficial Saint Patrick’s Day.”

Imagining having funding. Imagining organizing (!yes, I think crazy thoughts on bike rides) the Urbana-Champaign node of OER innovations.  The technology and its development have reached a tipping point of accessibility and affordability.   We don’t have to wait at the doors of the Big Publishers for well-honed interactive resources.   (We *do* have to resist the urge to focus on the early adopters and neglect that honing part in pursuit of What’s The Latest and Greatest.)

I’m imagining teaming up with Pixo and/or our own folks.   Our App Development course started with educational apps for our faculty as the ‘recommended projects’ — can we take them to the next level?   The folks at Landmark School and The NEw Community School — we could cooperate to design mobile apps that included visual-kinesthetic engagement all the way through college math.

Doors have been opened to innovative approaches to make math requirements less of a barrier.   Many schools have re-designed their math courses entirely (think the Carnegie Pathways   and — trying to build concepts rather than procedures, and tackling some of the formidable affective issues students face.   THey’re using online learning… but they don’t really understand the actual, cognitive learning issues that many of the students who come in significantly under ‘college level’ face… and they don’t understand just how many of these folks are out there, underachieving. Let’s get a team together to make math accessible…and OPEN…  and now, back to my regularly scheduled program.  What with this online stuff, students want to be DONE on Friday, so it’s not a ‘dead’ day… *Eight* industrious souls here, before 9:00 a.m….full of questions…