Where to embellish

Posted on March 2, 2017


Deciding which unit(s) to supplement for demonstration purposes in our Modumath course buildout.

(Yes.  Wishing I could really do this right from the ground up.  However, the plan is to do *one unit* right “from the ground up” rather than do a little of something on a bunch of units.)

I’m thinking of doing perimeter and area because that is an example of something that is oft taught procedurally.  It might *have* pictures, but … da plan is to find a way to have students engage with the visual content — click on hot spots and identify the perimeter, say.   At least ask ’em “which lines are you going to use to figure out hte m issing part” for those L-shaped thingies…

Another alternative is … division and divisibility — and/or … THE FACTS MA’AM!

Busy day.  Many little successes and several new folks, though getting somebody out of panic/survival  mode is a challenge when it’s busy because any sense of “hurry” triggers shutting down thinking and it’s hard not to hurry over to ’em when doing rounds …

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