Thanks, Desmos :)

Posted on March 1, 2017


Rabbit, rabbit!

Two students here for M 124 — college algebra.   They’re doing transformations, which is visual…   Instead of having to say “Sorry, I only help with <100” I could say “let’s go to Desmos and see what happens.”   This is the first time I’ve actually used it with a student (primarily because the courses I help with have very little graphing).   Watching a student actually use tools to explore makes me happy 🙂

Today’s ‘between time’ is knocking off another 10 pages of the word list compendium to share w/ CCOER license, and … the Canvas facts lessons, *and* the “BlendKit17” course readings.  Happily nothing happening tonight except hanging out where I could continue such adventures.    Last night’s storms killed 2 😦   😦   … I put the car thing in the garage in case we got hail. (Would I have been as inspired if it were really my car, not just in my custody ’til brother needs it?)   Watched some of the prez sound down and could see he was smugly behaving himself to the idolizing throngs, and wondered whether they had agreed to be as idolizing as possible b/c then the prez would be more likely to bask in the role.

OK:   rest of day reserved for creating first, then reading…



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