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Posted on February 27, 2017


(yes, I’m that old — okay, old enough to know what it is, tho’ I wasn’t alive while the radio show existed. We did have some books of math stories edited by Clifton Fadiman, though…) )

I’m awash in fascinating information.   Moderately busy in here but gaps for doing the … oh, half dozen Other Things.   I’ve signed up for the Florida “Blended Learning” Canvas course.   I took it spring 2015, a lots-of-bus-trips winter (snow!) … and I knew enough about my devices to be able to download the reading and make responses and then do the online stuff when I could get online.   I knew … oh, a *little* bit about blended learning and next to nothing about Canvas.    It begins today; five weeks.  We’ll see where I take it — I just might have enough ingredients for it to make sense for me to make a blended course. Back then, I didn’t have the outline for the blueprint.   I certainly didn’t have an actual online course to plan 🙂

I’ve also found resources for the Basic Math Prep course (which of course could be a foundation for a blended course).    OpenStax has a blog about assessment.   First thing, no surprise to me:   mistakes were made.   Despite “several rounds of editorial review,”   “Some questions were reported to have no clear correct answer, others had an incorrect answer marked as correct, and others were ambiguously stated.”

Hear that, Connect?   (I hear it. It’s why I won’t “scale”  my small scale efforts on students.  Things get magnified.)

… and I’m going to get the Phonics Word Lists out there to  in editable, usable format this week — I’m on syllable type 4, p. 125 of 240.   Will make smaller PDFs too. “Import as Google Doc” would require making columns into tables… maybe…

… as of now, the math job at Lumen Learning isn’t on their site.  Hoping for contact am I…




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