Github in the news

Posted on February 26, 2017


I’ve occasionally posted about the frustrations of getting all excited about the openness of GitHub … with the extreme challenge of figuring it out and having time to do that stuff.

Well, the trend seems to be shifting.   THere was an article earlier in the year, claiming people should get into GitHub and giving an intro guide of sorts. (It didn’t solve the time problem.)

This week — InfoQ tells me that GitHub is encouraging the development of “Open Source GUides.  “According to GitHub, the main motivation for creating the Open Source Guides is helping individuals, communities, and companies to embrace open source.”

THen today I get a link to Josh Wulf  at, about “the Impact Github is Having on Your Software Career Now.”      with the implication that this whole open sharing thing could just spread.   As in, you contribute to a project because it’s open, and that’s how you get to work with the company behind it.

Is this happening in OER land? I’ve got a “fork” of the “sample syllabus” from Lippman’s Math 010 at Lumen Learning (once I’ve properly attributed it, I’ll post).   Do we have an infrastructure to make this effective?