In between the windows

Posted on February 21, 2017


Still stalled on the Modumath course — if we have to rewrite the path to  all. those. images…. well… tho’ it would be so much better to organize them into proper folders and have the path make sense.

In the meantime, I’ve done a little combination of our current face-to-face basic class and the LumenLearning Arithmetic to make a “sample syllabus” with a little less complex language.

Couple things to note:   I don’t call the class “review.”    Let’s build the foundations properly.   If they’ve got stuff that’s already built, GREAT!   Since many of ’em have some “already built” models that don’t hold up, let’s not use them, okay?

Homework counts almost half the class in my sample.   This makes sense for our setting, where *getting homework done* is a huge priority, and the student who’s got somebody to help them too much is a rare bird.   Doing Concrete-representational-abstract means there’s lots of “representational” on the page that your calculator won’t help you with 🙂   Yes, I’d want to warn them (I deal with students in the later classes who are appalled that they can’t pass by Trying Hard and Acing the Homework — also, where having somebody to help too much is more common and they *can* use the calculator and avoid learning that -3-4 is -7 fluently.)

Regardless, at this level I think a visual of how important each chunk is of the final grade is helpful.  I wish the numbers came out really nice and simple but … such is life.  Here are the documents:



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