Posted on February 18, 2017


Still looking for my copy of “Becoming the Math Teacher you Wish You Had” — and unable to figure out why I can’t get into Kindle to read it that way since I paid for both.

My copy of “Lower Ed: The Troubling Rise of For-Profit Colleges in the New Economy” arrived yesterday.   Page 3 has a gaffe where IQ and academic skills are conflated… but then I get to this:

“Lower Ed is not just a collection of schools or a set of institutional practices like profit taking and credential granting.  Lower ed encompasses all credential expansion that leverages out faith in education without challenging its marketing imperatives and that preserves the status quo of race, class and gender inequalities in education and work. When we offer more credentials in lieu of a stronger social contract, it is Lower Ed. When we ask for social insurance and get workforce training, it is Lower Ed. When we ask for justice and get ‘opportunity,’ it is Lower Ed.”

That describes my misgivings when we discuss developing our programs designed to get somebody credentials as quickly as possible and not addressing the gross inequalities behind high school graduates having fifth grade skills.  We’re not a “for profit” institution, so we don’t do the high pressure stuff to get people signing onto loans… but it’s there.

The role of Open Educational Resources and Open Education?  It could open things up … or it could widen the divide, if OER  don’t align with the educational paths of the people on the “Lower Ed” track.  Like a public library that only the elite can actually get to… it’s not really “public.”

Today includes heading out to get the Transport with its new wheel and light setup, which I hope works (I hope they’ve really tested it out… )… and to at least try to find the old light for the Xtracycle and try to put ’em together… I *should* be able to get in a 100 mile week 🙂


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