Monday :)

Posted on February 13, 2017


Sarah C of ‘mathequalslove‘ blog shares this “treasure trove” from Frank Tapson, which is old enough so that he’s got standard “copyright” with a statement that you can use it for NON PROFIT-MAKING PURPOSES.   THey’re nice PDFs, but that means they’re not editable. Sarah’s files are mostly in .pub and .pdf so that a person could download them in Publisher and work with them.

My plan is to get back into “addition facts strategies and quizzes,” and get its skeleton up (unless and until I get to play with parts of our Modumath course), because that could be moved into the Modumath course, which doesn’t have a systematic practice setup for the facts (you just “have to learn them,” with some strategies and suggestions for making flash cards).  … then see if I can figure out how to make an HTML5/JavaScript activity for dragging pieces together to make those facts (or at least picking them… and then getting to see what they look like together).

Those algebra strips from yesterday are Houghton-Mifflin copyright, but … a person could make her own, perhaps?

Oh, I want to make an animated perfect square gif… and one for the perfect cubes…and another one to describe the irrational ones.

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