Let’s get Gimpy again ;)

Posted on February 13, 2017


tl/dr:  boring description of trying to figure something out.  And http://engaging-math.blogspot.ca/2017/01/equation-strips.html   nifty blog about another awesome visual “different representation.”   It’s a lot like our “rope” visual for the Nasty Two Variable Word Problems and totally in keeping with “wholes and parts.

I need to get enough into the Routines book to get to their connecting representations routine because I”m pretty sure this would be prime for it, which is I’m pretty sure completely the point of doing the “routines.”   When students have a cognitive structure, then making the connections between the “equation strips” and the abstract isn’t something that the “good students” get.   It’s accessible to more students… and we can design OER to work with it so let’s build that into my schedule..I bet I can make it fit into our Modumath course.   I’d lurv to have time to work those routines into a course… and … I’m going to make the time.

Going to devote another hour (given it one today) to making a beveled shape.   Note to self:  Even if it’s easy, blog somewhere about how you did it.   Because… the hour is up.   I’m no closer.   I found something that might get me there, eventually, because it’s not a plug-in.  Story of my creative life:  the shortcut templates are designed for something just enough different so that I might as well just learn the real thing even if it’s the visual stuff that doesn’t come easily.

… but in the “make the time” from the first paragraph, that means kissing this good-bye for now.   No, we’re not due for any blizzards, either…


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