Open and those who’d benefit most

Posted on February 12, 2017


In yesterday’s rabbit hole, I read the story which I can’t find now about how James Sousa made videos to go with MyOPenMath lessons, and … made the videos open, which vastly improves the materials (especially since, IMHO, they’re good videos, and I’m picky ;)).

I wonder how to make this happen with the disabilities communities and ways to make really good OER that takes UDL to a multi-dimensional level.  Can we make resources like some of the awesome study sites — but with adaptations available?  (I”m thinking of one of my guys whose fine motor skills precluded meeting speed requirements, as well as the obvious sensory adaptations for vision and hearing issues.)

Even more important: Folks with disabilities are often ones for whom the rigidity of classroom settings makes online/blended a much better option.  We should be able to build in accountability as well as fault resistance — have fewer ways for the obstacles life imposes to derail an education.  If we’re *really* clever we can figure out a way to do that without losing the incredible experience of being “forced” to do something you didn’t think was possible so that you learn that just because something looks impossible doesn’t mean it is… to keep climbing the cliff in question, because you can’t see the handholds yet, but you’ll find them when you need them.

Windy out there — the pine tree looks like squirrels are frolicking but … it’s the wind.

And once again, I’m sitting here knowing I can do chunks of that design — and the programming and all that stuff that takes smarts — but it’s just not a small scale thing.  Looked through files to find lessons I can share on and found “Captain Jack’s TImes Tables”  from 1999– a nice effort but too small to fly.

Now to try once more to figure out how I beveled my bars so I could, theoretically, do a session on “fun wiht GIMP for making nifty math things!” at the Faculty SUmmer INstitute… should prob’ly figure out an open source path for making gifs.

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