Conference reviews…

Posted on February 11, 2017


Watching a GOogle Hangout about the Richmond OER conference.   I’m the 43rd viewer 🙂    THey discuss the tradition of  the second day ending at 3:00 so that people could do stuff -and some ideas for doing “unconference” things.

I remember being surprised that… we were all *kicked out of the space* for that time.   I figured I’d go to the hotel ‘cross the street and to the bar and, sure enough, other folks were there.   Still, it made me feel like this was a small conference getting bigger where … the “small conference in group” knew where things were.   I appreciate the conflict between not wanting things “too organized,” and I appreciate the genuine efforts to figure out way to get people there who can’t afford it.   To my surprise, after talking about ways to get students there creatively (e.g. air bnb instead of hotels), when they talked about wanting to go international they included “we’ll lose people who can’t afford it” in the conversaion… seems they really do consider the groups who can benefit most from OER for financial reasons should be part of the community, not recipients of charity from above.

I went to and seems it’s in Anaheim next October (no further details).  W  Now to allow myself my Saturday “rabbit holes of choice” —  and I discover that now at LUmen Learning there’s a Math team leader on the “team” page and I don’t remember seeing it before… so they might have decided to promote internally (or I might not have seen it and it’s temporary…)  … and rabbit hole time’s over so it’s time to get back to *making* things and putting bicycles together…



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