It’s calculus time

Posted on February 10, 2017


Whereas, I’ve applied for (i.e., sent in resume and cover letter — no ‘application’) that Math Course Amalgamator position, I’m perusing the Applied Calculus course there.  Some of the mathispower4u videos have an open license; others are “standard youtube.”   Yes, I like them — straightforward and thorough.   (Yes, I love being able to alter the speed …  )

Lots of terms, dudes.  “Removable discontinuity” vs. “Nonremovable discontinuity.”   These are the terms that verbal gerbils like me can figure out…

Personally, I’d wnat the video to open in a ‘blank’ window, too.   Having to hit the back key to get back to the course isn’t my preference, esp. since I might walk away to help a student and the thing automatically go to another video so I have to go back a few times…

THe assessment was a little weird — it said my score on a problem was -1  … and I got it right.   Next problem had me figure ouit the average change over a function between two intervals… then in between a kiddo in MAT 124 (beyond what I usually help with)  came in for help b/c frustrated.   So I got to look at further along stuff than I usually do there, too.   Had to say that there were chunks I don’t remember, though it was clearly a situation where there’d be an example in the book like it.  However, the 4 folks here for Pre-Algebra are priorities and the shift changed w/ peer tutors so student went back out to the main room.

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