Want visuals

Posted on February 8, 2017


This kiddo’s cranking out the algebra w/ his times tables chart and 44/11 is 4 but I don’t think we’re building number sense.   I want the option to have a visual… and let you actually drag things around to divide it to get the answer.

Doesn’t have to go on everybody’s… but it should be an option.  (This is a paper task anyway so it doesn’t matter.)

Webinar about Odigia and Lumen Learning and … stuff you can share on Canvas so you don’t have to make all those ^&*) question banks that’s free 🙂   … and yes, both companies are talking about what I’ve been trying to figure out since 1997 — going beyond putting your favorite pictures on the Same Old Text, and putting in animated explanations and real interactions.   (Ironically, a webinar all about “open” wasn’t, since the webinar software would only let panelists see what participants posted.)  Now, let’s add “routines for reasoning” to the mix, okay?  Let’s see if, say, the International Dyslexia Association can find some funding and we can consult and make cognitively accessible versions?

Snowing East Coast style — it’s just above freezing so the ground’s white, pavement wet. Yea, in 2009 I’d have have had a working Gazelle with studly tyres and would have picked my way home and gotten my “oh, that’s right, this is what anxiety feels like!” experience … but.. those truly crappy winters have taught me The Bus System, and now the Green is door to door, and I brought the computer so I can get back to reading the “routines for reasoning” book.

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