“When I make my own…”

Posted on February 6, 2017


I was helping a guy with the Connect lesson where they’re learning about figuring out scaled models.   They like to throw in “real world stuff that twists things” — so they talk about where “3/4” scale actually means 3/4 inches stands for one foot.   It’s a pretty neat exploration.

Still, lots of them get very lost in the language of multiplying and dividing because … you multiply to get from the model to the real thing, right?  And we’ve just figured out that the real scale is 1/16… so we multiply by 1/16 and start typing…

First lesson:   stop! Does that make sense… is the house going to be smaller than the model?   This is one of those cheap tricks for looking like you know what you’re doing:   guess which one to do and if it goes the wrong direction, do the other one.   Very feasible when there are only two options and the direction’s pretty obvious.

Guessing wouldn’t be necessary if we’d had a little exploration of the language – the “1/2 times” being same as “divided by two,”  (which I haven’t put together yet… it’s on my list… like so many gifs I want to make that show concepts like exponents that are in one of my notebooks…)

And I said, as I’ve said so many times before, that “if I made the course, I’d include that.”   And then thought, as I’ve not thought before, “Oh!  it’s just remotely possible that I might be doing that!”   because … I hit send last night w/ resume and cover letter…