Calculus, and CUMTD vs. Canvas

Posted on February 6, 2017


Two things plowing:  CUMTD vs. Canvas and … learning calculus NOWADAYS.

Saturday I took my Transport to the bike shop & dropped it off. I got on the website to see how to get the bus back to where my other bike was parked.

I was directed to a bus stop that is at the extreme end of that route’s loop.   It’s actually a shelter, on an entrance road into a strip mall, and I know lots of buses cut through there to the mall and on their way back East.

However, the bus in question didn’t cut through.   It passed by on the road the cut-through road came in from and left me there.   I jogged the 200 yards to the stop in the actual mall, and caught another bus.   That driver apologized and explained that people waiting fo rthe Grey stood out on the road (for the obvious reason that it didn’t cut through there), and the driver would have assumed I was waiting for one of the cut-through busses.  She was very apologetic and appreciated that I planned to let CUMTD know.

Twitter to CUMTD and they wanted the details and when my link to the bike blog post didn’t work, I made it a google docs… and “Got it. Thanks for providing this. Seems we have a few different sources of info to review. Thanks for persistence. Apologies again.”

Contrast this to the Canvas approach, which would be:   “the workaround is to go stand in the road.  That’s why training is so important!”

No.   It’s bad design.  As the Green driver said, “I always think of the person heading towards that job interview!”   and I regaled her with telling her I was actually hoping to have such a thing but not this bus trip!

So, I’ve done five modules in the “grunt work” part of making the Modumath/D2L course… so I ducked over to Lumen Learning to peek at their math courses, such as ones above what I usually work with.   The utter sweetness of being able to see secant and tangent lines change as you change the point — but in my version there would be an option to pause and slow down and review what the stuff meant, and talk about increasing and decreasing… an option, but there for the “wait! I almost got that!” person.

And back to a little more grunt work, because I want this course to happen finally!!!


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