Credit Recovery Algebra study

Posted on February 4, 2017


… short summary:   it didn’t work very well.

Interesting because coincidentally,  Facebook posted at me a sponsored post from “Keystone School,” an online school, describing their GED track that people who’d dropped out could take. There’s a fast track if you’ve got more than 12 credit hours that takes a year and a 1-3 year version.  I wonder who designs their instruction.

From  the American Institutes for Research report on credit recovery for Algebra:

Student scores on the end-of-course algebra test administered for this study were low overall in both types of courand ses. However, students In the online course scored significantly lower than the face-to-face students on this assessment, including lower on prealgebra, Algebra IA, and Algebra IB item sets.

An April briefing comparing online to face-to-face credit recovery says this:

“The study results suggest that both online and face-to-face credit recovery courses allow students to recover credit, but these courses do not appear to change students’ generally low-performing trajectories. The authors conclude that continued improvement of online courses, particularly for highly at-risk students, is essential for fulfilling the great need for flexible alternatives for students whose futures depend on opportunities to get back on track in school.

Another briefing descri(bes mentoring support for students   , and finds that with the same kinds of students, if they had “instructionally supportive” mentors the results were comparable to face to face classes.  They took fewer online tests but scored better on them.

Guess I should sneak on over to Canvas and start my “weekly five things” to that end, eh?


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