More open in the press…

Posted on February 2, 2017


… My ed tech buddy at the U of I sent this to me:  Top Fears Shutting the Door on Open Education  from  .

Surprise 1:   In this context, concerns about “accessibility” have nothing to do with ADA and everything to do with “if it’s on the web, that website might go bell up or delete that file!” kinds of fears.   (If it’s *open* you can retain… make it open!)  … and faculty are more worried about this than students (though IMHO … faculty are wise).

SUrprise 2:   This statement about the overglorification of “failure ” from a Rolin Moe whose session I missed at the Open Ed conference:

“‘When we think about the failure ethos, it’s almost entirely perpetuated by successful white males, who can look back on their personal struggles, quote-unquote ‘struggles,’ and think about the triumphs they had,’ said Moe.

…  Forcing students who may already be marginalized to fail publicly in some way — as in publishing their writing on a public blog where they can be trolled — may simply be cruel.”

I really appreciated the honest discussion of the ups and downs of “have the students put their writing online,”  especially since so much discussion of OER stops at “free textbooks.”

… but I’ve set today as deadline for Getting The Application Ready.   Now, I had six students here by 8:30 — unusual for a Thursday — but the folks who are here early w/ no classes … are a little more independent, hence the time to type this up between questions and mouse cords taking students down… no injuries….

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