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Posted on January 31, 2017


So!   IN between applying for a job to help enhance and create math courses… I’m trying to … build a math course!   For our folks who need to prep for the test … or already took the test and need to learn stuff…

We’ve got Modumath, but its online presence is — well, it’s *not* open, but it would be typical of an open effort.   Really great videos have been uploaded and you can go through the videos and answer questions as they play and get instant feedback.

There’s a printable PDF that has the same information in text form, and a self-test with answers.

There’s no adaptability at all.   There isn’t even individual … anything.   All users from a single license go to the same pages.

So!   Our job is to make this more individual.   THe tutorial videos are outstanding, albeit low-tech.   Our plan is to put the videos into modules, and then add our own quizzes.   Here’s where we can be … ADAPTABLE!   and USE BADGES 🙂   And … if it’s to prepare for a test that’s proctored ^3   then … cheating will, as my teachers always said, “only cheat yourself.”  (And there would be stuff for getting you motivated like you find here from MIT about getting you to write a little about your values before you do the stuff).

We can have a plain old “did you get it?” quiz… and then a Thing To Do If You Didn’t Get It that you have to do to take it again, and then … you don’t move on until you pass (though there Always Needs To Be An Alternative because sometimes you do need to move on).

… then, when we’ve built enough things around it, we can make our own modern videos and not have to have a subscription to another product.

Of course, if I do it here, it might be a challenge to make it open… but if I can stay a step ahead on my own — gee, I just *happen* to know about this OER video that will fit, because I already made it! — then…

… so tomorrow in the early hour the plan is to learn what the ‘grunt work’ part is, where we plop the video into the module… happily that’s the kind of task that I can do around working w/ students, unlike programming, which reading up on Lumen Learning made me recognize the potential value of learning.

I did a pretty good job with that Java stuff with the basics, and honestly I think the basics could work for making adaptable activities.   I did the silly integer app , right?   What if I really, honestly *had* focused hours each day for it?   LOL I’d probably get past 60 on my StackOverflow rep!!!   (I’m over 1100 on Canvas..)   I can dream, can’t I?

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