Saturday reading

Posted on January 28, 2017


Saturday… at desk, cruising my WordPress  Reader (RSS)  for the sites I’ve picked to follow.   TechCrunch dominates.  takes me to an article about “leapfrogging,” defined as ” pioneering the application of new technologies to bypass the older framework in place” and how this can be applied to higher ed.   It maintains that a degree is still the coin of realm, but suggests that certificates (at different levels, including post-graduate0 and other credentials of various sorts could be the “new normal.”  It then states:

“Here’s why: Traditional higher ed can’t scale to meet human capital demands, and technology can’t replace faculty. But while faculty will remain at the center, extended through the internet and technology-enabled teaching, coaches and mentors will play an increased role in ensuring that students have the support they need to achieve learning outcomes.”

My question:   what credentials will the coaches and mentors need?

(The article doesn’t talk about the nature of online instructional materials in this ‘new normal’ of extended-from-bigshot-universities education.)
I’ts 9:00 and time to get to that “five things to add to the course” part, and get in a bike ride before the “flurries” arrive (on the East Coast flurries are when you see anything in the sky — in the midwest, they can accumulate…)

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