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Posted on January 28, 2017


I’ve ridden a little and am hanging at my own house.  I got 3 quizzes added to the Canvas Course… and peeked at the 5 lessons I’ve got on Creative Commons and my slide show on OER.  Wondering why I’m “provider” not author for some…but not the time to pursue that.

The connecting cable for the  baby chargers I got for 6 bucks aren’t enough to charge my ASUS transformer (I found another). Love that I don’t need a proprietary charger for the thing.

Did some more perusing of LumenLearning — I’d signed up for its ‘pre-algebra self study’ already and I remember really liking the number line activities at the beginning (and the bright red ‘it’s a self study — if your teacher gave you a course code, you’re in the wrong place!’).   I’m also perusing the Arithmetic book and wincing just a little at what’s basically the ‘key words’ approach to word problems.   We’re taught to figure out a perimeter as application of addition, and told that “total length” and … something else… were how to tell.

However, in subtraction, all that perimeter stuff was ignored and “safe” real life examples were used.   Why not include the parts and wholes idea here and include finding missing sides?   It’s exactly the kind of problem that shows up on assessments — for good reason.   Let’s teach the reasoning that’s being assessed.   And alas, it’s not editable text.   I can’t peel it down,  jump in and add things.    How ’bout a CK-12 design?   (It says its content is CC-BY-NC … though it’s got links to Khan Academy videos which have “standard YouTube license” and probably other stuff that isn’t that open.)   I don’t know whether OerCommons makes it as easy to navigate & modify things.  The “save to library”  from which I can modify things seems a lot like the GitHub world and grabbing my own to play with.   I also don’t know whether things have to stay in “my library” so that people have to use it in the confines of CK-12.

I also noticed that the Pre-Algebra course (from LumenLearning)  has videos from MathIsPower4U (on my ‘like’ list)– with standard YouTube license…

Oh, and I found “slack” — a ‘chat room’ kind of thing.  Since it’s open to anybody I signed up and  after all kinds of thought used my Parkland email.   I didn’t select a role since none of them are actually close at all.  I’m not faculty. I’m not tech.  I’m definitely not an admin.   I could have said instructional designer but… that isn’t my role at work…   I included in ‘topics’ the idea of getting OER out to people who weren’t in college (and ‘fault resistant learning experiences.’ )

… and I wonder whether savvy people might Slack or Ryver  over Facebook…

.. but now it’s 4:23.   Time to do some “get stuff out of the house” while listening to the news about people being detained at airports because of yesterday’s late-afternoon edict from the Prez that basically anybody from Certain Countries could be detained.  Or 5:01……

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