Making tech folks happy

Posted on January 27, 2017


Our tech support person came down to see what they were going to have to do to recover the files from my computer which apparently had more wrong with it than just a dead power source.

They got all kinds of happy when I told them that — unbeknownst to myself — I had managed to dump my assorted documents in the “faculty/staff backup drive” which they recently made available.  They confirmed that no, it didn’t happen automatically… so I must have done it some time or other 🙂   (I suppose direct divine intervention is a possibility… in the “Jesus Saves” category???)

Canvas observation, continued.   I posted under the document about question banks that it *says* “copy/move multiple questions when you can’t actually do that.   I then described what I did to make the best of that lousy design.

I got a tastes-like-script reply from “document team” expressing happiness that I was finding things helpful and gee, if there was anything else they could help with… the idea that maybe their software should be fixed? Address the actual issue?   That would be helpful, but it’s like current politics — a laughable idea.

So… must apply for a certain job.   As in, a job that I’ve been preparing for for years… and in Portland, Oregon.  Wish I didn’t love my current job as much as I do… no I don’t 🙂


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