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Posted on January 27, 2017


I’m at a webinar with Kate Novak about UDL and it seems that UDL is no longer about “accommodating for disabilities.”   It’s about getting students to own their learning with lots of options which accommodate all kinds of learners.   Yay!

… it’s also got phrases better than “extreme passivity” for describing student behavior…

It’s got a cool image of the “Engagement continuum” — that goes from Engagement (High attention & Commitment) , Strategic Compliance (lots of attention, but they’re not owning it and committed to really learning)… and ritual compliance, which is a much more objective way of describing my students who do things like get frustrated when they don’t get credit for answers that they did — but got wrong (because they didn’t read the information before answering the questions).   Goes down to “Rebellion” – which is diverted attention and no commitment… which is also objective and can be done in totally socially acceptable ways.  It’s me at a presentation when the guy talked about how wonderful he was and then proceeded to repeat, verbatim, content from his previous day.   Dude, I’m checking my email and I don’t care who sees.

The UDL stuff … she describes having different kinds of scaffolding available for writing for different students.   That’s what I want in my math lessons.

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