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Posted on January 26, 2017


Seems Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays will be … nonstop or close.   By 8:20 I had four students in working… 3 more came in for a little of this and that.

Then a CCS teacher came in and we worked on stuff for Readign Plus.  NOte to self:   enroll multiple ‘example’ students in each class (zzzdemo1, zzzdemo2 and zzzdemo3).

… also some troubleshooting for figuring out Connect’s stupidities (like that the right answer was wrong… well, when you’re sure you’re right,  just ask it the solution and when it says you were right, click and do another one.  They have typos.  Yes it sucks.)

DIdn’t get to ride at lunch b/c I did usability of the MTD model website.   That was fun 🙂

Trying to squeeze in reading and responding to the answer to the blog post yesterday… but I don’t want to forget about the Helplessly Hoping of yesterday.

I had 3

We interrupt to just document another Crappy Educational Software moment.   WHat’s the slope of a graph between the points 2,35 and 6,25?   -2.5 is the wrong answer — though it is on the list of choices. The “right” answer is -2500 because the axis label says it’s “thousands of feet.”   I’m sorry, the slope on that graph is -2.5.   Correct interpretation (which was the rest of that question) is that the plane in question is descending at 2500 feet per unit of time.  Units are units.   If it’s 2 thousand foot units, it’s two of them.

Okay, so I was saying I had 3 examples of … hmmm… painfully obvious “I want to get this assignment done — but no, I’m not trying to learn anything”  — and *none* of ’em were new students.  One student expressed  indignant frustration because the program insisted there were 13 items to go — it wasn’t giving credit for the ones answered wrong! Student hadn’t actually read the content (said in that faux sheepish “yes, I’m supposed to do that but everybody knows you don’t really have to” voice).

My jaw rather dropped as I said, “Welcome to college…” and then, “You’re going to have to know this.”   The reply?     “No — this is only practice!” … with a few more comments about never being good at math, maybe even so far as never being able to do math.

I implored the student to at least entertain the idea that learning was possible and to to those things that would help it happen, such as reading the content.

I  briefly entertained the notion that … this behavior didn’t belong in a student this close to graduating so other courses should have been tougher.   Okay, to a point.   HOwever, it’s also true that had the bar been higher earlier, odds are that failure would have been the acceptable option.   At this point, the students in question have had enough success that they want more.   I just hope that things like reading the material is on the list of things they’re willing to try 😉






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