A new idea

Posted on January 25, 2017


LOL  the two minutes ’til end of work day and I DROVE THE CAR THING so I can’t even think about it well on the way home.

Here’s my next magic grant request.   Hey.   I really should figure it out and at least plop it on a few other blogs. 

So I’m doing all this totally tedious CRAP in Canvas — I want a quiz with images and a quiz without. (Sigh, I broke my lurk promise and posted a blog onto “Math Ed” about the tediosity.)

Well, I want a quiz with number bars and a quiz with domino icons and.

Wait… repeat activities should be done by computers.

Object oriented programming.

There will be lots of lessons that will want an “image” version.   (I’ll actually want a “drag and drop and manipulate” version but I can’t make that yet.)

There should be a program to walk me through that design so I can just input the questions and the images and the progression and … it should generate the interactive experiences.

Can I get a grant? Can I make it open?