Tell the voices…

Posted on January 20, 2017


So it’s lunch time and I wasfraxxled because beginning of the year I have to do high high alert diagnostics on the folks walking in.   Even the students I know are starting a new semester and… mostly it’s new folks. Oh, and car stuff. Oh, and other stuff.  A full 4 on the “shake your life up” Richter scale — like, not enough to do damage… and much less than most of my students ride out on any given day…  More coffee?  Tea?  Bagel? Cheese…

BIKE RIDE.   it’s over 40 and misty… 15 minutes later and I’m back in balance.

Thank heavens that people say stuff. If you *tell* me enough so I know that … anxiety is a big deal… I can help you  talk to your anxiety.   Today I even said the right things 🙂

Thanks to bicycling because that’s where I learned that 🙂

A on the first attempt on the quiz.    So instead of going home and stewing … an A 🙂 🙂 🙂   “I feel great!”

Now, I want to get where you don’t need to give me *quite* as many clues for me to do that … and just like student surprise at the A, I was surprised that … I’d said the right thing.   Not my strength.   I’m a lot better at explaining the math than addressing anxiety.

Yes, there’s that other stuff happening in the world.




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