Posted on January 16, 2017


Seems there will be a “cMOOC” about this.   cMOOC being an open course that’s focused on ‘connectivity,’ somehow.  We’ll see.  The syllabus is pretty dry and academic, going through the history of ‘open.’   Guess my main beef with the ‘open’ community is that it’s so imbued with academic culture, as in “let me pontificate about equity and open” in theory. http://openlearninghub.net/  is the door and it’s out of Virginia and … am I destined to return there?   It’s so *in the grid.*

I’m also wading through the convoluted directions for how I should tag my blog posts for it.  I did hte best I could… thought about using ds4oer so I could be “the whole blog is about this thing” but … that’s my blog to my self.   So

TAG openlearning 🙂   (It feels like one more dead end distraction but … let’s see right now about finding that wretched flash drive and getting my ‘five things on the course’ started…)

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