Help before class :)

Posted on January 13, 2017


New student today:   no, he’s not enrolled for the spring.  That’ll be fall.   He’s done some college but … math was the dealbreaker.    Anxiety.

Yes.   He can come in here, we can have a reading and a math ‘course.’  YES I want to make an online “course” for exactly this “I’m signing up for the gym, no credit…” situation.

And yes, I need to figure out how to work in an assessment, either face to face or online.   Dorothea Steinke’s “plot these numbers on the number line between 1 and 20”  is awesome and revealing.   (17  12   2  5   1)…  describes interpretation of student responses.

Back to those ‘arithmetic fact’ quizzes … hoping to get them nicer for our LMS …


Oh, and speaking of help after class and equity… describes sharing a google doc via phone with a student and helping the student *wherever* (and noting the ‘help is an equity issue,’ too…)