Posted on January 11, 2017


Decided to make the ‘number bar’ version of the addition facts images the ‘default’ because that is easier to translate into ‘place value’ images when I get to the ‘adding ten’ lesson.

This made me realize that I’ve neglected to fill in the ‘alt’ tag for the image, which defaults to the file name which is not so useful.

I asked how to put the alt tag in from the get go.  I’m 98% sure I can’t and … erm… no, I’m not going to submit it as an idea at this point.   It’s just One MOre Reason Canvas Isn’t Ready For Prime Time.  OMRCIRPT .

Sigh. Update.   I did ask and got the answer “look over here where this idea was submitted” and it got enough votes to be put through and in 30 days we’ll hear more… from October.

And my blog post got a StackOverflow answer — a guy telling me that yes, I could so do all those things, SEE!!! Screenshot to PROVE IT!!!   and then that gosh, maybe it would take *me* five times as long but it wouldn’t take him that much longer to put things into a separate bank and then re-randomize, but hey, everybody’s different.  (As in, well, you’re obviously slow.  And since we *can’t actually do* the task I would wonder how he knows how fast he could do it.  And since it’s widely recognized that no, copying things in Canvas is not easy…)  OH, and based on all my misconceptions, I should spend more time on the review guides and videos.

Yea.   I haven’t been around StackOverflow in long enough not to have to spend half an hour on a not sent stuff… trimmed… then sent one that yea, I should have put “Thanks for your LMGTFY answer…”  at the end, or left it out.   I asked him to look at my screenshot… (oh, did I mention that he told me that the best way to do the randomizing was to … do exactly what I said in my message that I thought I had to do.   Except no, he didn’t say “you’re right, you have to…” he just mansplained it. )

So I linked to the screenshot I had posted and stated that in fact I couldn’t do things because his screen shot was what was on his screen and it’s not what was on mine.

I mentioned that yes, I did spend time with videos and guides (my post actually linked to them) but that those guides and videos did not include “if you do this wrong, that will happen” or “if this happens, it’s probably because of this.”  They only walk through the correct process and sometimes miss things.

I finished with saying that I’d posted on a blog to asmall group to record the process thinking that somebody else with Free for Teachers might benefit from it, but that in the future I’d leave it to my personal blog.

I got a response email that said I’d gotten two messages that had been deleted.

Dude, I’m sorry … I really am going to back off for a while and recognize that this is a typical tech social structure and since it’s my real name out there, the gender stuff happens and I need to navigate like Ms. Hopper would, and grow numbness to mansplainings.   … Or maybe it’s just a snotcave like StackOverflow and gender doesn’t matter.   Whatever.   Maybe I should suggest a “group” for user-friendly people…

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