“not enough votes”

Posted on January 9, 2017


When somebody’s “idea” for a “feature” in Canvas doesn’t get enough votes, it gets shelved. A person cuts and pastes a form message about it saying how cool you are for participating.

I’m thinking there’s a rather natural filtering so that those who stay in the Canvas community are those with a really high tolerance for dead ends, and who think it’s fine to have things that you have to spend hours figuring out,  because they’re poorly designed. After all, once you know how to work around the poor design, you’re home free, right?  And you’re one of the cool insiders who  knows the secrets!!  w00t!

Honestly, when you log in to find something and it asks if you have a Canvas account, which you do… and then it tells you your password is invalid but it will send it to you… and then tells you it’s on its way… at least part of that should be true.   No — different parts of Canvas need different logins…no way for you to know that…  and the error message says they’ll send you password information when, in fact, they don’t.

My issue is that this is deigned proper and good because supposedly it prevents harvesting of emails.

There’s even reference in a comment to a programmer *grinning* because his program is doing what it’s supposed to do.  As I said, Only Cool Insiders Welcome!  This insane idea for a “feature” that we don’t leave users in a ditch?   Oh, move along.   We know what we’re doing.  You *users* don’t matter…

That’s not my idea of a community that’s going to make useful educational materials.  (Can we say ivory tower?)  So my plan is to learn all I can from them and then take what I learn to a working environment.   It’s ‘open,’ so I can do that with all impunity.

Then I can have math questions that don’t just change a student answer of 5 to 5.0000  (when they haven’t learned about decimals).

I can expect word problem answers to include units — either given my me, or added by the students.



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