Becoming the math teacher…

Posted on January 7, 2017


So, I sprang $50 on a book about teaching math, even though of course at my age I already know everything 😛   (not…)

I would have had to pay 35 for just the digital version… so I sprang for both.   Yea, I think that’s a lot to pay for a PDF file but I felt better about it when, unlike the book I got a few days ago from Heinemann, I did *not* have to use Adobe products which were kludgy to download and clumsy to use (I can’t scroll through the PDF — the default is to highlight on the touch screen and I have to exactly, precisely nail the spot on the screen adn go down one line at a time.   A major bunbite on the bus.   Happily, I put a mouse on it and could use the scroll button but… lousy design.)

This book is a plain ol’ PDF that reader will handle.   I could probably make 50 copies and give them away.  I’ll bet, though, that in an hour or two I could figure out how to do that with the other thing.

WHat really inspired me to buy the book was the website for it because  there are places to discuss in each chapter with things like videos and links.  We can all be learning! (I spoze it wouldbe even better if there were a way to get continuing ed hours for participating…)

And I found my flash drive and my aunt james logo… the ‘fact’ that the j in the middle was dangling in midair annoyed me so I opened it to try and fix and … it’s not.  It actually goes down further than the legs of the A.   Perceptions!

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