New year, new computer!

Posted on January 4, 2017


Yesterday after lunch my work computer failed to come back.

It’s old enough so they didn’t have a replacement power supply … so I have a new one.

It’s “temporary,” and… unlike the old one, I don’t have admin rights. I can’t download Libre Office, GIMP, or Adobe Digital Edition. So, I bought the ebook Routines for Reasoning but have to go to my laptop to actually read it.   It was also your basic creepy bunbite experience that Adobe always is.

How is Adobe creepy? So many things are set up so that they can lock you into a path (I’m remembering when I subscribed to the Photoshop Etc. suite … then canceled because it didn’t work in airports –as in, hours of quiet time –… and then spent hours trying to find the path around ‘your subscription is canceled’ to get to the previous, paid-for version.   It inspired me to move to GIMP and InkSpace and I’m not going back 🙂

Time to get the little timer thing out ’cause I’m in full “you have all day and nobody here!” distraction mode…  but … I hate books that blithely state things that they can’t support.

“Mathematical reasoning requires students to be attentive to both the content and to one another.”

Well, actually, no it doesn’t.   I can reason mathematically *all by my little self.*   Please make at least a feeble attempt to support the statement if you don’t expect me to now file the book under “I’ll read it for ideas, but it’s not credible.”  Mathematical reasoning may be enhanced  when we’re doing it with others — that’s not the same thing as it being a requirement.

Still, routines are good… but off to find focus…




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