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Precision in language

January 17, 2017


I got an official looking envelope in the mail imploring me to buy some insurance. It was “State regulated” life insurance! That makes it official, right? If I taught literacy I would so use this as an example of “dress up the language and make people think it means something else.” (and … regarding Canvas. […]

OER and equity

January 17, 2017


or, too verbose for Twitter R Us. So I read on twitter that “Open educational resources (#oer) and open source software are the single best way to ensure #equity for all students.” Ensure? Let’s talk about ‘equity’ and the adult ed folks in need of basic literacy and numeracy. Ensure? OER are starting to serve […]


January 16, 2017


Seems there will be a “cMOOC” about this.   cMOOC being an open course that’s focused on ‘connectivity,’ somehow.  We’ll see.  The syllabus is pretty dry and academic, going through the history of ‘open.’   Guess my main beef with the ‘open’ community is that it’s so imbued with academic culture, as in “let me […]

Help before class :)

January 13, 2017


New student today:   no, he’s not enrolled for the spring.  That’ll be fall.   He’s done some college but … math was the dealbreaker.    Anxiety. Yes.   He can come in here, we can have a reading and a math ‘course.’  YES I want to make an online “course” for exactly this “I’m […]

“Help outside class”

January 12, 2017


On twitter, Michael Pershan noted that it’s taken him 3 years to figure out how to get students help outside class. This made several thoughts gel in my feeble brain, the biggest one being that ‘help outside’ is vastly underrated and a huge equity issue. I think we don’t want students to need help outside […]


January 11, 2017


Decided to make the ‘number bar’ version of the addition facts images the ‘default’ because that is easier to translate into ‘place value’ images when I get to the ‘adding ten’ lesson. This made me realize that I’ve neglected to fill in the ‘alt’ tag for the image, which defaults to the file name which […]

one more done…

January 10, 2017


Got another quiz and section of the ‘adding facts’ module done, and I suppose if I’m sticking to my “plan,” that that gives me permission to investigate badges.   I did another blog there in the “Free for Teachers” section and got a quick reply to my noticing the posts about people who’d had questions […]