Surge in stats!

Posted on December 30, 2016


Hey, David Wees gave me a shout-out 🙂   I’m afraid most of my posts are of the ‘daily blather’… and I’d hoped to get some pithy traction on Canvas over these days but the sudden death of my friend precludes.

Still, I’ll be flying tomorrow and will have computer along and with any luck the right flash drives, except that will require luck (under stress my entropy field exerts all kinds of powers).   We’ll see.   Off to see my family and then back to support the friends… I *do* have a course of sorts up on Canvas at  – whether even wiht  a Canvas login (and it has to be a canvas *instructure* login — each room of canvas requires a separate login path) regular people can see it or not, I don’t know.   If I can upload things to my site, I shall… but time to pack … and try to do that thing called sleep tonight.

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