Posted on December 26, 2016


LIstening to  … time to close off all the other windows including this one … and Just Do It.   And some things got done.

Also booked flight to Baltimore, waiting to get title to that car that I need to get in others’ names, while title to car I will be getting for me is lost.  I don’t really like cars but at least now… I can’t make any mistakes for a few days, anyway.   I can just work on math stuff and … hope my job’s not cut from the budget. Illinois doesn’t look like it’s going to figure out a budget, though.  C’mon, how do we plan this regime change so it can happen peacefully?

Just because I’m distractible doesn’t mean I

…  I’ve gotten as far as the beginning of subtraction but I do want to get “something to teach the facts” — except that the “facts training” at is so superior to anything I will be able to do (at least / especially in this time frame) .   P’raps the link there can be what you do to prep for the quiz… and then I can make a mastery path that way.   Big fat bottom line is I have no idea how effective or engaging it could/should/will be.   There just really ought to be a way to make it as addictive as bejeweled blitz.   Or 1/10 as addictive – that would be good enough!

But first it’s time to do the mandatory “time away from screens.”

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