Canvas and Open and GitHub Oh My

Posted on December 22, 2016


I’m now following & being followed by a person who’s got a GitHub repository for educational standards. (Connected thru D2L on Twitter.  Also read their gamification PDF and it looks so awesome — oops, that’s an expensive add-in.  Dudes!)    So… I logged into GitHub (having told Chrome to remember that password),  and no, I haven’t put my app up there.   Add to “stuff to do.”  I did stuff a bio there w/ limited characters…

Went to  and it’s a mini-learning management system that is pretty powerful, with the usual fatal flaw.

Students can log in, and get the assessment the teacher gives them… and based on their answers, finds online resources to teach that missing skill.   THe intro video was really good, but left me confused because it seems that the student gets videos to watch based on missing a question, but teachers can also assign them.   I’m inferring that when the teacher assigns them, *then* the feedback that says “how many times did the student watch the video” is activated.

Fatal flaw:   terminally cute little videos because if your skill is a K.CC.1 standard, you must want to see Cookie Monster.

Possibly fatal flaw:   how good are the resources?

Still, if they wanted to hire a person to design a version for special ed, that would be cool. Then I could go to conferences and everything 😛

Also on ‘hot list’ –  I think addition would be a reasonable place to introduce the design concept of “the math has to look right, too.”  So… back to work on the course — and hopefully by ‘deliverable’ date I can have a “mastery path” that dives all the way into a very multisensory lesson and an online “worksheet” with big space and font and columns. Maybe even drag and drop. Need to think about my bus riders as users.


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