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Posted on December 21, 2016


Between reading the UDL book I downloaded a 200+ page tome about open education.   It’s refreshingly old-school with all kinds of facts and references and statistics as opposed to “MOOCS are dead.”   Lots of David Wiley but also lots of other stuff.

Chapter 2 piqued my interest because it’s about open education as emancipation.   It included discussion of some the angles I’ve been pondering from out here on Beta Island.   (I’ll come up with a better name…)  How much is “open” still constricted by the structures and institutions creating the “open” education?  It talks of open courses, open universities, and then about Open Educational Resources, and how they are the things that are, in a way, the most “open.”   Lots of David

Need to get back to creating that stuff — have made another quiz in Canvas.   I’m also now being followed by D2L on twitter (me and 5K others).   They have a ‘gamification guide’ that is a mere 28 pages — and I’m not sure it’s anything I haven’t seen before but it seems to be an excellent condensation of things like the “four player types.”  GOIng to the “end of year blog post,” though, was a very generic experience.   Canvas is rougher terrain but better scenery…

I should try to — after 12/31 and the “deliverables deadline” — go on over to D2L and my ‘sandbox’ course and see what it’s like to work with it now that I’ve got more experience w/ working with learning management systems in general.

And I’ll prob’ly be on bicycle tomorrow.  THat stuff that’s all ice is melting during the heat of the day… the folks on the bus were all glad that none of them had fallen on the ice, but everybody knows somebody who did.  Lots of broken bones 😦

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