Islands in the stream

Posted on December 20, 2016


Lousy day to be an island.   I can make a “quiz” that’s an interactive label… or, I can make a page where you watch a movie and then take a quiz.

I get that hey, if I want ‘little of this, answer one question’ many times, that lends itself to a quiz format.   I wish I had a clue as to when there’s a dropoff.  Does answering one question and clicking to a new activity encourage or discourage the user?   Is it a distraction, or does it give a sense of progress?   Is it an “it depends” situation — and what are the factors it depends on?

I read about people not satisfied w/ the layouts of videos and know I am just not worrying about that at all.

I’m reading Universal Design and know that I am not really diving into multiple everything and even “multiple representation” could be improved, and wondering whether the amateur layouts and details-I’m-not-attending-to  will mean that people can’t work with the “how’s this for developing concepts?”  part.

Need to remember that … Modumath  is pretty darned effective, and … not all that much more sophisticated than this effort.   And if you’re thinking of becoming a Parkland student (or, you are but need some math work)… we’ve got online access now…

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