Posted on December 19, 2016


So now I’m being followed by one of the “level 6” leaders in Instructure.   Need to not waste anybody’s time, I reckon, and get to it.  Except today was spent on financial… well, disasters, though disasters that hopefully I can clean up afterward.   Geez, I thought the financial risk would be the … risky people, not mangling up the process.

But hey, I can get 15′ in before the bus comes!   I made a pretty picture of a “make ten block.”  maketenbigblockwithequationsI just wish I could remember how I made those cute bevel blocks!   I found a tutorial … which I can’t find now.   I also can’t just change the colors and have ’em come out right.   The beveling process had to start with one color.   I remember it having gradients …and now I am thinking I want the “= 10” to be … lined up on the right side to emphasize the ‘part + part’ aspect.  No idea how an actually visual thinker would process…



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