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Posted on December 16, 2016


The whole “change submit button” topic speaks volumes at several levels about reading and critical thinking.   First, the idea phrased by some that students just need to click around or wait to be told what to do is actively discouraging independent critical thinking.  Second, many of the repliers haven’t read critically — they see “change the button” and since it doesn’t match their personal situation, then any other information doesn’t matter.  They post “Submit means to hand things in! If you don’t know that you shouldn’t be a teacher!”   I’m mildly curious about the original poster and whether he understands, now, why it says submit.

(Basically, you click ‘submit’ and then get to where you select a file to submit and finish sending it with another click.  There’s an option for not sending a file, but for writing something from scratch. Those people find it confusing because they dont’ have anything to ‘submit’ yet because it hasn’t been typed in.   )

I searched for “unsubscribe” to try to not get notifications… and I got to an “idea up for voting” — which is a tech support issue.   Comment says “well, that shouldn’t happen!  Talk to your admin!”

Next comment:  informing us that this idea is in the voting category!

Just wow.    An idea that “your product should do what it says it should be doing” is up for voting?   I voted it up 😛





I think I’m glad Parkland is with D2L.

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