Posted on December 15, 2016


Sigh, looks like I’ve botched that poor guy’s attempt at getting the Submit button thign fixed.   It’s got almost as many down votes as up, from people posting things like “my students know it’s a button to turn things in.   Why change it to begin?”

Well, nobody wants to change the button that means turn it in.

It’s only when the submit button is put where it really means start the assignment, that it’s a problem.   Well, except it’s not a problem for some of them because of training.

The downvoters are exactly the people who have learned not to pay attention to words, or they might have understood the original post.

Lesson learned:     Words aren’t what to use to persuade or inform.  Not sure whether affect or effect is the chief issue here.   I suspect the phrase”For the record, you are correct”is really saying “well, technically you are right but that doesn’t matter anyway, and I probably haven’t really thought about whether you’re right or not but you might be.”    Post-truthiness.

(That said, somebody else explained exactly when and how her students are confused and agreed that yes, training fixes that up but asked why we had to confuse in the first place.  YES.)

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